Dark Night (part 2)

You can read the first part Here

When I close my eyes
I see so many ways
Through the light
And when I open my eye
I see nothing
beside the darkness
Streched so far up in the sky
Even heaven is falling down
The way darkness is conquring
Every thing thats comming
In its path
And killing every one
who refuses the fate
The dark has made
the time is not far away
When everything will be
Just another shade of grey
Dull and desperate
and nothing can be repaired
Being unprepaired
When it was all going down
Finally the last thing you did
Was to bow down
And you got rolled over
Like a castle of card
it took just a blink of an eye
You’re dying
But still you wanna
Take the last stand
Cuz you know
Deep down inside
You just need a spark of light
To start a fight
For whats right
an burn the darkness alive
Cause nothing meant to last forever
And whenever
It feels like its all over
Somthing makes the tables
To turn over
The one who was controllin’
The fight
Face the greatest defeat,despite
Its strongest one
Cause even who is second to none
Gets beaten down by someone


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