Every thing I see is a distraction
Every thing here is an attraction
Then want to trap me inside
The only thing I can’t get is satisfaction
Its a war between my coruption
The hate inside
Is going to do an eruption
The only thing I cant get is satisfaction


It’s just too late

Everyone cares when it’s just too late
I knew it was gonna happen it was my fate
And it happened when I was unprepaired
I was lost in my thought
I didn’t cared
I got caught
I was in too much pain
Stumble upon my own mistakes
If I look back
There is a trail
Its getting cold
I wanna feel lost
I wanna be free
But I am at a point of no return
Standing at the pit of endless hole
I wanna fall
I wanna end my worthless life
I just wanna put out the fight
A constant fight between life and death
A fight between my thought and how I felt

Well everyone cares when its just too late
And I knew it was the end, it was my fate

What had happend

The ghost creeped inside
And wanted to make something for them
They took their pen
And wrote something
But they didn’t know
What it ment to them
It was something sketchy
Something dull
Something that was out of there wisdom
Pretty little curves,all over the figure
But he didn’t knew what it ment to them
As soon as they were done
They left me hollow
And I was left to collect the pieces
And figure out what had happened


Its been too dark
You can’t see your own shadow
The path you choose
You can’t refuse
To follow
The world will hate
And that will be your fuel
Keep doing what you’re doing
And you’ll rule
When you feel low
Think why you were born
When you feel alone
Break your habit and push on

Like me

A person like me
Shouldn’t have been borned
Twisted and twined by the pain and reformed

A guy like me
Shouldn’t have been borned
In search of a friendship that will never be formed

A kid like me
Shouldn’t have been borned
So prodigal and sweet,the world would eat in one piece

A soul like me
Shouldn’t have been borned
Ripped thoughout and only hate is poured

A power like me
Shouldn’t have been borned
So lifeless,no sign of presence

A human like me
Shouldn’t have been borned
Came only to suffer the pain of others

Can’t find a good title for this one Can anyone help me

I wanna hurt you

I wanna hurt you like you have hurt me
But then what would be the diffrence between you and me
I just came to make my point
Stand out the crowd
Just like what you did
Then again what would be the difference between  you and me
I just wanted to make a diffrence
Let others see what I see
But then again whats the diffrence between you and me
Now its way above what others can see
The understanding you and me
Or I should say “how it used to be”
Turned into dust
It was all here
Right beside me
Till I lost focus