His life ended when you said goodbye
And you didnt even care to take a look back
Dont mind you said I wanna escape from my life
And didnt saw you made his life a livin hell
The things that happened to you
Could’ve disscused with him
But instead you lured him into the dark
And leave him on his own
You might have many like him
But you were only one he got
Till death do us part.
You promised you’ll stick around in his pain
But he was sharing his thoughts to a stone who didnt care
He felt lost whenever you ignore
And you were lying with someone else on his floor
you thought you had a misreable life
Have you ever bothered to ask him
Hows his every day life
someday you may realise you did bad to him
But it will be too late by then
Everytime he rubs his scars
And try to walk away from his past
You make his life worse
All he wanted to say was that he cares
And always will be there
But somehow you didnt care.


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