as I have now managed to have 50 followers (only wordpress followers). Today I wanna share a poem that I wrote at the starting of this blog

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Why was there I again

Why was there I again
After all that I faced
I can’t stop myself from
Going back to the place
I don’t want to
All I had
Was a war
Between what I want
And don’t want to
Even when I was hurt
Why I keep bother coming back
To have what I already got enough of
was there a choice?
Or a linear course
Was there something I could do?
Or just face the consequences
Of things I didn’t do
I wish I would know
Why was there I again
But now I didn’t really care
‘Cause its the last time
I’ll think this again.


Have you ever been ignored …..

Oh I’m sorry I shouldn’t have asked you that. How could you be ignored. You are beautiful, charming filled with brilliance
you are like a unicorn In a sunshine no body wants to be without you . Everybodys attracted to you. Feels GOOD Eh!

But have you ever been to the other side of the city
The crule and the lonely one
The dark and the silent one
where you say but nobody hear
Where you want but nobody care
You are only one to fight for yourself
Have you ever lived that moment when you adore and they ignore
Have you ever lived that moment when you wanted to be included and they exclude you on purpose
You cry for friendship and they don’t give a s**t.
Where silence becomes your only friend
And you’re forced to share your feels to the tick tick of the clock in a silent room .
You experince loneliness
when the only voice one your phone is either your alarm or those ad messages
You experince how misreble your life is

Yeah right
Welcome to my world


I’ve become like one of those villans In the movies. You know those villans who are not really villans but just have a different perspective. People don’t seem to see things how they see and consider them to be a bad guy. They just try to do right things the wrong way because thats the only way. There way of thinking contradicts with every one. They starting to lose everyone on their side cause nobody believes what they believes and finally with the world against them, THEY LOSE.
They become frustrated of themself, frustrated of their life and dies. Dies thinking why they were different. Why they were supposed to be this way. Why they were supposed to go upstream while everybody supposed to go downstream.

Why?…..Why? …..Why? ….Why?

Just why?

Why they were not like the others?…

You are alive

I am finding who I am
I was lost in my self
I don’t know what I was till now
Don’t know what I’ll become
It’s hard to realise
Scratch your throat
And gulp it down
Long time I’ve been in sleep
I have to wake up from this dream
Its like a fight between I and me
You are known by your enemy
I’ve past the point
“you are alive”
Now I am just a body
With no soul inside