We were apart again.
I was falling down again.
It was not the first time I was feeling this.
But this won’t be the last my senses were screaming again.
The feeling of you stepping out of the door,
Too late before I could mummer why I loved you for.
It might have made you stay.
But for what,
Just so this would happen again?
Too bad I wasn’t up for this time,
And you have to go for this one final time.
The pieces were back to the picture.
It was just a dream again.
But this won’t be the last my senses were screaming again.



Lying in emptiness
What I was looking for
(silence making so much noise)
Feeling thirsty near the shore
escaping reality through imagination
thinking what would happen
If I was like this forever
My self was haunting
Hunting me forever

for Crying out loud
Was it too much to make you proud
The beast you have created
Is shivering like a coward
Lacking any power
I was hiding like a coward
To afraid to make a move
And don’t know what to do thereafter
I was making myself a fool
By not realising what I can do
But My shots lacked any power
and I lost all my focus too


And now its all comming to an end
Years it seems
Now its nothing
Daily routine
Now I will step into the real world
World of cruelity
Thinking of my future
Working on my own for a living
The time has come
I will stop depending and start pretending
The ways for the thing it’s get to be done

business trips replaces summer vacation
Office replaces school
Boss replaces teachers
Files replaces homework
Stranger replaces friends

I will be all on my own now

I don’t think I’m ready for the future


Sometimes all you need is a little apriciation
You did good today
sometimes all you need is a little recognation
Oh thanks.. But I wasn’t alone he helped me too
Sometimes all you need is a inspiration
What can’t be done,
But you’ll do it
Sometimes all you need is someone who will push you to the edge
Just one more rep bro.

But what the world do is

Can’t you do better

Yeaa it was all me …

Nobody has ever done it
How will you ?

You won’t even get past a rep

I was miserable

I was miserable
I was dieing
Atleast then I didnt hurt someone with my lies
But then you came to my life
You made me realise
I shouldn’t be like this, but why?
Why do you have to haul me from the shadow?
I was better laying there

I was bad
I was wrong
I was the shallow side of the coin
That always face the ground

When you left me
I could have cried
If I knew how
My eyes were all dried out

I want you to hear me
But the sound wasn’t getting out
I want you to see me
But I was a hovering ghost outside my body

A dieing breed

Why faces of all the writers are black & white
I mean are they all old or died
I never tried to look a it this way
And never knew what words might meant to say
A character that is a dieing breed
Something that gives a new perspective indeed
Something others can’t see
And they ? They can never unsee
They were supposed to be praised for the gift they had
But they starved with nothing in thier hand
They suicided and they went mad
It’s so sad to believe
As the time fleas
Their will be so few of these people we are ever gonna see

They all made money
Writers starved
Writers suicided
Writers went mad.

-Charles Bukowski

The above quote made me write this poem . The lines are so true to its core … In simple words it displays a lot of meaning….. Please do share your views