While you are ignoring him..

Someone else is making him special


52 weeks of gratitude

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#3 family

Family …. I really don’t like to talk about my family , and there are three reasons for it .

1 I don’t wanna talk about it
2 I don’t wanna talk about it
3 I don’t wanna talk about it

But its a challenge and that why I have taken it to make myself a better me

Alright I’ll start with my self.
I am the only child of my parents . I live in a joint family very common in India. I have have 4 siblings, three of which havn’t talked to me since I don’t know when . I have lost the f***ing count of it . Due to some “family problem” (insert a gif of the thing you do with 2 finger of both hands). 4th is the only one who actually remember my name literally I guess . Well thats about my relations in my family.

Lets get down to the section parents
I don’t know where to start
should I start with our poor finacial status
Should I start with the fights I have seen between them
Should start with the time I heard my father verbally abusing my mother ..
I have seen her crying and for her I am the only hope

I don’t know there were so many things that happened and made me more mature then I should have been at the present age .

You know I was really good student when I was still a child and thats where it all got wrong
My mom thought I will be the one to get her out of this mess
Pressure starts boiling as I progressed . And that pressure made me from a really good student to a decent  student and now a average. And when I see her crying I really get angry at myself .. “what am I doing?” ” how will I help her if I start to become like this ”
I am really crying right now , I can’t go on now sorry ..

That was all I can say about my family
Thanks for reading

Picture content

I’ve been thinking what I have done till now with this blog and as I look back,trace my steps I see it lacks something. There are a whole lot of text .. there is hardly any pic and colours on this blog and I was thinking to post some but not here . Those who are willing to see more photo type content can follow me on instagram


And I will regularly posting here and updating too ..

Thank you in advance if anyone follow me there 🙂

See you guys later

52 weeks of gratitude

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#2 spouse/significant other

In the past I really don’t have too many relationship to begin with . Honestly I don’t have any relationships at all . I was always THE FOREVER ALONE. I don’t have too much friends because nobody really understands me . Second thing is that I am not at all good looking I am just a below average person who could only hope that someone will hear something I wisper, I usually see other people and how easy they find it to talk to other girls, somehow I never really managed to do it . honestly I didn’t even knew the names of everone in my batch (school) let alone talking to them. I am really anxious and a shy type. I really talk to the other sex because even the thoughts of it freaks me out . I am really not very good at talking . I was always a loner and an anti-social type not because I choose it but because I have became like that .

Fast forward from that 3 years earlier a new girl comes to my school . At first it looked like she was just another girl but suddenly I found out that I feel something special for her and she found out something different in me something that others were uncapable of. Soon we were friends and I started talking to her, we became really good friends in no time but (I hate this word it come in the middle and destroy every thing) there was something she was hiding . She generally asked me one day if I like her more than a friend or not ,i couldn’t resist my feelings for her and I told her every thing .

She was already in a relationship thats what she was hiding . It felt bad like really bad but I somehow managed myself . We were still friends. but I recently found something odd in her behaviour something like she was coming closer to me . And then nov 22 last year she told me every thing about her past and that she was single now , then the blast happen. She told me that she likes me too .

I was really happy and didn’t knew how to react. She asked me if I still do like her or not .. Hell I was mad for her .

We are in relationship since then and very happy too.

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Are you crying ?

Are you crying?
How can I be crying
After all the tears I have cried
I thought the tears had dried out
Just like your love for me
But my tears have dried away
And replaced with hate, here to stay
My fuel is my hate
And it will help me motivate
To fight against my feelings for you
To burn my past and bury it too
I never cared how much you hurt me
As long as you were there with me
But now you aren’t with me
And it feels like I’m a burning fury
Why would you do something like that
What did I lack in my love for you
You could’ve just told me

taken Some help from a fellow blogger(check out her blog Here)
She’s a really nice writer .

52 weeks of gratitude

#1 Why start this challenge?

I am mainly starting this challenge ’cause i am out of ideas for what to post on my blog in near future, also i am reacently started writing my first story and this challenge would help aid to maintain the regularity on my blog so some good news that you people will be reading a all new avatar of my writing skills. i have been in really torred time recently and this would help me to escape from all the thoughts of the sad time and i would have a better oppertunity to describe and present myself to all my readers. it will help me boost my connection out there and find people i would like to connect with and have same intrest and maybe same background. this challenge will run about 52 weeks and i will be postng once a week and now you can do the math that i will be posting about 52 different topics or i should say aspect of my life . the challenge had been started today with this post and i will continew writting till 52nd week and hope this will help me find myself somethimg better something different.

happy blogging

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It’s not the same

Its not the same
And I think it’ll never be
It’s not the same

Where does the time fleas
How come you’ll never meet me
It’s not the same
And I think it’ll never be

Do you care to explain
Why you felt the need to leave me
It’s not the same
And I think it’ll never be

I thought you’ll never leave me
We were never to part away
It’s not the same since you left me
And I think it’ll never be