The one you can’t grow without

We celebrate 5 sep as Teacher’s day here .. So I wrote a poem for one of my teachers .. There was too much pressure of exams so I got no time to upload it earlier.. Hope you people like it .  🙂

Once, God parts some of his inocence
And pours it down on earth
The conscious inocence open it’s eyes
Looking here & there thinking this world is absurd
It tries to walk, but couldn’t bend its knees
It looked around and imitate how to speak
Time came when it could no longer implement what it saw
It askes for help but it gets somthing more

Someone held it’s arm and saw in its glittering eyes
Someone, without it could never glide
A kite ready to fly without a thread
That someone let his thoughts spread
So that, that inocence learn to live a life
Someone who taught it , where the beauty lies
Someone who taught it , how silence can bring peace
Someone who taught it , morals of life
Someone who taught it , that this is only once to come by
The little inocence could feel, this is going to end
And that someone could see their path to part away
Little inocence may never get that someone back
But those words of that someone still remains with it till it breaths its last

“they start to mould us into the image they saw in us
From the second we hatch
A work no craftman can match”

Thanks to all the teachers or anyone who teaches us something in our life for teaching us such valuable things.