My death came with the mask of my loved one.
I wasn’t prepaired for the blow when it lend me one.
And then the chances of my survival were none.
Seems to me they weren’t going back leaving this undone.
And then I was 6 feet under.
Smell of betrayal was still on my sleeves.
Can’t get down with the fact they were the only one
Who knew me
I thought I knew them well.
But the well I was lying in,bleeding was the proof
I didn’t.



You know
I trusted you
more than anything
I could’ve bet my life on you

But when you said that
“one day you will surely change
’cause everyone I knew
has hurted me in a way or two
I can’t trust you anyhow”

you didn’t realised how big a blow you have lend me to take

you broked me in two
a happy half who loved you
a broken half I have lost ’cause of you