Our Love Can Not Last

Standing  at the  edge and wanting it to happen,
Drunk on the thought of you,  i cant see anyone passing.
Hands opened  in the air aimlessly hoping you would guide me.
I took a step ahead and it was me,  falling for u
Heartbeats reaching skyhigh and i was coming down to rest.
Sometimes i fell so lonely but the wind was there filling the gaps.
I left the edge i was standing,  and it was me falling for you.
I bet my life for your love in return
So sure i was that i cant lose a losing hand.
The horizon was changing faster than i can see.
I was falling down faster,  faster than i could feel.
They said falling in love  is like falling in a pit that never ends.
Too bad my luck was out,  it did had an end.
The levitation caused by your love was gone.
I fell on the ground,  the last vision my eyes could capture
It was a note in my hand You wrote  to me, 
Reading “our love cannot last”