They are knocking on the door.
They are here to help me fix it.
Knock them doors down,
I wont answer.
I came to believe,
No one knows i exist.

They are knocking on the door.
While i am getting used to the idea of self hate.
Knock them doors down,
I wont answer.
I came to believe,
They always care when its too late.

I was at thier door
One after the other
Now you are here to see me
Out of self pity
But i needed help all along
All this time.


Life has to go on

​It always comes back

And it will keep on coming 

We had to forget and forgive 

Instead we forgot each other

And all the efforts turned to dust.
But life has to go on 

And these moments will too

I will see you with someone else

That i never planned.
There were nights

While we were away

While we were hoping,but could only pray

That we were, together.
We used to stay up all night 

Going out of our way

Now we cannot sleep

Even if we tried.
And i know you’re listening 

From somewhere i cant see

And if its true, then dont do this to me

Please come back, cause i am a mess

Please come back, and put this to rest.

Why I Love The Night

Whispered the night in the silence
forget the sun , I want to be with you
All the answers you seek are in the moon
Sweet wind passes by calling your name
Forget to sleep or I’ll weep the tears of
Take a deep breath and inhale the
Freshness of your fame
This is why you love the night don’t you?
For all the silence I have to offer
For all the peace there is to feel
So much solitude there is to see
If strength was in numbers
Day would have been your thing
But you are your own one man army
And isn’t it why you love the night ?

Who knows?

Every day I travel the same distances

Same way to approach every other thing

But is life supposed to be like this

It’s all boring and unrealistic

What i want

I don’t know

When i will find

I don’t know

But how?

Is the question i’m trying to answer

Every other moment i’m in my thoughts

Scratching for the things i want

Knowing the things i realize

And realizing the things i knew

The time i wake up is the worst moment i face

It’s like realizing the thoughts i knew

And the things i want to know

Isn’t supposed to be for others to know

May be they’ll understand

May be not

Who knows?

But should i live life like this

Or it’s just me making things out of my reach


Have you ever been ignored …..

Oh I’m sorry I shouldn’t have asked you that. How could you be ignored. You are beautiful, charming filled with brilliance
you are like a unicorn In a sunshine no body wants to be without you . Everybodys attracted to you. Feels GOOD Eh!

But have you ever been to the other side of the city
The crule and the lonely one
The dark and the silent one
where you say but nobody hear
Where you want but nobody care
You are only one to fight for yourself
Have you ever lived that moment when you adore and they ignore
Have you ever lived that moment when you wanted to be included and they exclude you on purpose
You cry for friendship and they don’t give a s**t.
Where silence becomes your only friend
And you’re forced to share your feels to the tick tick of the clock in a silent room .
You experince loneliness
when the only voice one your phone is either your alarm or those ad messages
You experince how misreble your life is

Yeah right
Welcome to my world


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I’ve always given
And never expected anything back
Now i’ve been broken
Too much,too many times
All I need is someone
Who won’t let me fall apart
People say follow the way
Your heart says
But which piece you follow
When heart is broken in million
I’ve been a disgrace
It feels like hell in this place
I’m trying too hard
And it’s all falling apart
Could it be the end
The thought tears me apart

If you left me.

If you left me ..
I have to go back to that awfull hole I have been livin in for years.
Drunk in my thoughts of you  and seeing you be far away from me…..

If you left me
I would be thrown into that silence again that I wasnt gettin out of without you I would be lured into the room without the light again
A room in which I isolated my self from all the feelings that feel like scars that are never gonna heal.

I dont think I can make it
I need you even if I want to live without you…. Cause only you can let me get throught my life.