Today was sad enough to make me write
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Back to The Light


To those who have been through life with its heartbreaks, pain, and disappointments and still find the joy in living, and the strength to hope.  To all who found the courage to open a window in their hearts and souls for…the light.

Back to the Light!

The dark passages I came upon

My way back to the light!

The demons and Orcs I fought upon

My way back to the light!

The spikes and thorns,

The pain I had,

The burning holes

I had in my heart and soul upon

My way back to the light!

They snatched me, they twisted me

They gnawed upon my flesh,

The bleeding wounds, the oozing pus

The stench, that awful stench

Of unfinished things

Long past.

I had endured them all

And faced them and bear them all, and fought

And won them all upon

My way back to the light!

A White…

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Lying in emptiness
What I was looking for
(silence making so much noise)
Feeling thirsty near the shore
escaping reality through imagination
thinking what would happen
If I was like this forever
My self was haunting
Hunting me forever

for Crying out loud
Was it too much to make you proud
The beast you have created
Is shivering like a coward
Lacking any power
I was hiding like a coward
To afraid to make a move
And don’t know what to do thereafter
I was making myself a fool
By not realising what I can do
But My shots lacked any power
and I lost all my focus too

If you left me.

If you left me ..
I have to go back to that awfull hole I have been livin in for years.
Drunk in my thoughts of you  and seeing you be far away from me…..

If you left me
I would be thrown into that silence again that I wasnt gettin out of without you I would be lured into the room without the light again
A room in which I isolated my self from all the feelings that feel like scars that are never gonna heal.

I dont think I can make it
I need you even if I want to live without you…. Cause only you can let me get throught my life.

It hurts

It hurts

When you’re all in the dark
Without any light or ray
And someone comes to your life
And shows you the way
And tells you everything will be okay

They leave you like you doesn’t matter to them
just when you think everything’s right
And the future will be bright
After leaving the past behind
Don’t know why people change
why they save you
When you’re killing yourself
And leave you when they are the only hope you have left
Don’t know why they save us to see
That we can be something better then the so called “me”
And leave you
when they are the only one
whom you wanted with to be

It hurt you know

wherever you are
I want you to see
What I have become
After you left me

What had happend

The ghost creeped inside
And wanted to make something for them
They took their pen
And wrote something
But they didn’t know
What it ment to them
It was something sketchy
Something dull
Something that was out of there wisdom
Pretty little curves,all over the figure
But he didn’t knew what it ment to them
As soon as they were done
They left me hollow
And I was left to collect the pieces
And figure out what had happened


Its been too dark
You can’t see your own shadow
The path you choose
You can’t refuse
To follow
The world will hate
And that will be your fuel
Keep doing what you’re doing
And you’ll rule
When you feel low
Think why you were born
When you feel alone
Break your habit and push on


His life ended when you said goodbye
And you didnt even care to take a look back
Dont mind you said I wanna escape from my life
And didnt saw you made his life a livin hell
The things that happened to you
Could’ve disscused with him
But instead you lured him into the dark
And leave him on his own
You might have many like him
But you were only one he got
Till death do us part.
You promised you’ll stick around in his pain
But he was sharing his thoughts to a stone who didnt care
He felt lost whenever you ignore
And you were lying with someone else on his floor
you thought you had a misreable life
Have you ever bothered to ask him
Hows his every day life
someday you may realise you did bad to him
But it will be too late by then
Everytime he rubs his scars
And try to walk away from his past
You make his life worse
All he wanted to say was that he cares
And always will be there
But somehow you didnt care.