The tombstone 

@readfantasy (Instagram)


Me Against Myself

Me against myself
tonight its gonna happen
a war gonna start now
with no one to put it out
the war between me and it
its gonna be so much heptic
a dagger thrust inside me
not gonna end this buddy
every blow i make
replied by a scar i take
we are evenly matched
we are still untouched

me against myself
i knew it was gonna happen
the rage is bilding up inside of me
i can’t set myself free

Dark night (part 1)

I hate dark night
It’s my enemy
From the time
I first felt alive
Can’t face the dark
Cause it burns me alive
It looks like the dark
and I have a vibe
Like a telephathic path
between the dark
And my mind
It lies far beyond my eye
It’s gonna consume me anytime
it has a demonic laugh
Like he knows
its gonna end tonight
Darker it becomes
when it comes
nothing’s left
when its gone
And no one is
nowhere to be found