Do you know

Do you know
I am a great thinker
But I am scared to that extent
That I can’t even speak
To my inner devils
About the heavenly things
I would say…


I can feel the fear

I can feel the fear and the pain
And the cold blood runnin’ through my vien
And the fierce fate in front of my eyes
Cant ignore the devil where it lies
Gotta keep up and see what he has planned for me
Lets see if he has somthing to defeat me.
Or will he be just another person walking behind me
I cant ignore these insticts of mine
I think im gonna die but I think it will be fine
Its just me or the tempratures getting high
I guess its showdown time…..
I just need three things
Pen paper ink
And the inspiration comes from within
Get aside will ya
Let me tell you how to win
Nothing comes from nowhere
Everythin’ is within