A hope once given

You became the dawn in my daunting life

I was at the end when your light hit my eyes

You were the hope i was waiting for 

A Hope once given .
It felt so simmilar, yet you were different

Familiar feeling , yet an unfamiliar face

We were so distant,yet you felt so close home 
You made me think , the end of something good isnt the end of you
I smiled after quite a while , but it was more that what met my eyes

You were too there , where i now belong 

You amazed me ,how you were so strong 
It all made sense .

the feeling i felt , so surreal.

The connection between me and you
I closed my eyes , reach for your hand and held

I wont leave you , no matter what sadness may befell.

For you are the last hand life has delt

And if not for you i would have fell.


I wanna hurt you

I wanna hurt you like you have hurt me
But then what would be the diffrence between you and me
I just came to make my point
Stand out the crowd
Just like what you did
Then again what would be the difference between  you and me
I just wanted to make a diffrence
Let others see what I see
But then again whats the diffrence between you and me
Now its way above what others can see
The understanding you and me
Or I should say “how it used to be”
Turned into dust
It was all here
Right beside me
Till I lost focus