The tombstone 

@readfantasy (Instagram)


I’m lost

I’m lost in the world I created for myself
The path that leads to home
Is lost
In the fog of fame and stupidity
Long lost the day when I enjoyed being myself
Now iam at the edge of the end of myself
Long lost the time when it was fun being myself
Now I am just an image of my past
I am lost in long blinding alleys
No matter how much I run
I find myself in the middle of it
Its a constant battle from start to end
And when I suppose its over
I find myself in the middle of the track
Long lost the time when I had faith in me
When I thought things in front can’t be bigger then the power behind me
But now I am just lost
And drunk in the thought that I will out of this hole


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I’ve always given
And never expected anything back
Now i’ve been broken
Too much,too many times
All I need is someone
Who won’t let me fall apart
People say follow the way
Your heart says
But which piece you follow
When heart is broken in million
I’ve been a disgrace
It feels like hell in this place
I’m trying too hard
And it’s all falling apart
Could it be the end
The thought tears me apart

It’s just too late

Everyone cares when it’s just too late
I knew it was gonna happen it was my fate
And it happened when I was unprepaired
I was lost in my thought
I didn’t cared
I got caught
I was in too much pain
Stumble upon my own mistakes
If I look back
There is a trail
Its getting cold
I wanna feel lost
I wanna be free
But I am at a point of no return
Standing at the pit of endless hole
I wanna fall
I wanna end my worthless life
I just wanna put out the fight
A constant fight between life and death
A fight between my thought and how I felt

Well everyone cares when its just too late
And I knew it was the end, it was my fate


It’s the end
That I should’ve defend
The end of line
I’ll hold the line
Its only a matter of time
That I’ll go blind
And then I will not be find
The dark stormy wind
coverin’ everythin’
I think I am twined
Inside my own pain