There will be days you can sleep in
But not today
There will be days that aren’t Monday
But not today
There will be faces that brings you down
And faces that makes you smile
There will be moments of solditude
There will be moments with those who loved you
There will be times you are egar to leave
There will be times you don’t want to reach
There will be people who will mould you, summon  you, want you to be who you don’t want to
And there will be people who will love you for what you are
Helping you to be what you want to
It doesn’t matter how many people judge you
Nor it matters how many people hate you

Because there allways be a face that brings you down
And there always be a face that makes you smile


For that friend that stays in my heart

I have friends so few
And I like talking to you
If I could I would spend all my day with you
For me
you cant imagine how special are you
Just dont forget me
I am always here
looking out for you 🙂

Back to The Light


To those who have been through life with its heartbreaks, pain, and disappointments and still find the joy in living, and the strength to hope.  To all who found the courage to open a window in their hearts and souls for…the light.

Back to the Light!

The dark passages I came upon

My way back to the light!

The demons and Orcs I fought upon

My way back to the light!

The spikes and thorns,

The pain I had,

The burning holes

I had in my heart and soul upon

My way back to the light!

They snatched me, they twisted me

They gnawed upon my flesh,

The bleeding wounds, the oozing pus

The stench, that awful stench

Of unfinished things

Long past.

I had endured them all

And faced them and bear them all, and fought

And won them all upon

My way back to the light!

A White…

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52 weeks of gratitude

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#2 spouse/significant other

In the past I really don’t have too many relationship to begin with . Honestly I don’t have any relationships at all . I was always THE FOREVER ALONE. I don’t have too much friends because nobody really understands me . Second thing is that I am not at all good looking I am just a below average person who could only hope that someone will hear something I wisper, I usually see other people and how easy they find it to talk to other girls, somehow I never really managed to do it . honestly I didn’t even knew the names of everone in my batch (school) let alone talking to them. I am really anxious and a shy type. I really talk to the other sex because even the thoughts of it freaks me out . I am really not very good at talking . I was always a loner and an anti-social type not because I choose it but because I have became like that .

Fast forward from that 3 years earlier a new girl comes to my school . At first it looked like she was just another girl but suddenly I found out that I feel something special for her and she found out something different in me something that others were uncapable of. Soon we were friends and I started talking to her, we became really good friends in no time but (I hate this word it come in the middle and destroy every thing) there was something she was hiding . She generally asked me one day if I like her more than a friend or not ,i couldn’t resist my feelings for her and I told her every thing .

She was already in a relationship thats what she was hiding . It felt bad like really bad but I somehow managed myself . We were still friends. but I recently found something odd in her behaviour something like she was coming closer to me . And then nov 22 last year she told me every thing about her past and that she was single now , then the blast happen. She told me that she likes me too .

I was really happy and didn’t knew how to react. She asked me if I still do like her or not .. Hell I was mad for her .

We are in relationship since then and very happy too.

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