Our Love Can Not Last

Standing at edge and wanting it to happen,
Drunk on thoughts of you, i cant see anyone passing.
Hands opened in the air aimlessly hoping you would guide me.
I took a step ahead and it was me, falling for u
Heartbeats reaching sky high and i was coming down to rest.
Sometimes i feel so lonely but the wind was there filling the gaps.
I left the edge i was standing, and it was me falling for you.
I would bet my life for your love in return
So sure i was that i cant lose a losing hand.
The horizon was changing faster than i can see.
I was falling down faster than i could feel.
They said falling in love is like falling in a pit that never ends.
Too bad my luck was out, it did had an end.
The levitation caused by your love was gone.
I fell on the ground, the last vision my eyes could capture
It was a note in my hand You wrote to me,
Reading “our love cannot last”


You are alive

I am finding who I am
I was lost in my self
I don’t know what I was till now
Don’t know what I’ll become
It’s hard to realise
Scratch your throat
And gulp it down
Long time I’ve been in sleep
I have to wake up from this dream
Its like a fight between I and me
You are known by your enemy
I’ve past the point
“you are alive”
Now I am just a body
With no soul inside

I’m lost

I’m lost in the world I created for myself
The path that leads to home
Is lost
In the fog of fame and stupidity
Long lost the day when I enjoyed being myself
Now iam at the edge of the end of myself
Long lost the time when it was fun being myself
Now I am just an image of my past
I am lost in long blinding alleys
No matter how much I run
I find myself in the middle of it
Its a constant battle from start to end
And when I suppose its over
I find myself in the middle of the track
Long lost the time when I had faith in me
When I thought things in front can’t be bigger then the power behind me
But now I am just lost
And drunk in the thought that I will out of this hole

If you left me.

If you left me ..
I have to go back to that awfull hole I have been livin in for years.
Drunk in my thoughts of you  and seeing you be far away from me…..

If you left me
I would be thrown into that silence again that I wasnt gettin out of without you I would be lured into the room without the light again
A room in which I isolated my self from all the feelings that feel like scars that are never gonna heal.

I dont think I can make it
I need you even if I want to live without you…. Cause only you can let me get throught my life.