52 weeks of gratitude

#1 Why start this challenge?

I am mainly starting this challenge ’cause i am out of ideas for what to post on my blog in near future, also i am reacently started writing my first story and this challenge would help aid to maintain the regularity on my blog so some good news that you people will be reading a all new avatar of my writing skills. i have been in really torred time recently and this would help me to escape from all the thoughts of the sad time and i would have a better oppertunity to describe and present myself to all my readers. it will help me boost my connection out there and find people i would like to connect with and have same intrest and maybe same background. this challenge will run about 52 weeks and i will be postng once a week and now you can do the math that i will be posting about 52 different topics or i should say aspect of my life . the challenge had been started today with this post and i will continew writting till 52nd week and hope this will help me find myself somethimg better something different.

happy blogging

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