Today was sad enough to make me write
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A sweet face 

​A sweet face can hide what a bad face can never 

A bad face leads to consequences but a sweet face is always a gamble

I could never judge which side you were on

But i realised enough to know you weren’t on mine

You were hiding your pain

But was it really yours 

Or was it the agony of the souls you consumed

I trusted in love so i trusted in you

But you could never really give 

What my soul always seek 

Our Love Can Not Last

Standing at edge and wanting it to happen,
Drunk on thoughts of you, i cant see anyone passing.
Hands opened in the air aimlessly hoping you would guide me.
I took a step ahead and it was me, falling for u
Heartbeats reaching sky high and i was coming down to rest.
Sometimes i feel so lonely but the wind was there filling the gaps.
I left the edge i was standing, and it was me falling for you.
I would bet my life for your love in return
So sure i was that i cant lose a losing hand.
The horizon was changing faster than i can see.
I was falling down faster than i could feel.
They said falling in love is like falling in a pit that never ends.
Too bad my luck was out, it did had an end.
The levitation caused by your love was gone.
I fell on the ground, the last vision my eyes could capture
It was a note in my hand You wrote to me,
Reading “our love cannot last”


Sanghamitra's Blog

It’s crumbled up madness
Lines in verge of fade,
With each tear
Falling as I cave,

It’s my reflection
That’s unrecognizably changed,
Life and death intertwined,
Why do we love in vain?

It’s too high a price,
Age has made us pay
As I stand upon your grave
Holding the letter, forever unsent.

-Sanghamitra Chakrabarty

Copyright © 2015

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You know
I trusted you
more than anything
I could’ve bet my life on you

But when you said that
“one day you will surely change
’cause everyone I knew
has hurted me in a way or two
I can’t trust you anyhow”

you didn’t realised how big a blow you have lend me to take

you broked me in two
a happy half who loved you
a broken half I have lost ’cause of you


We were apart again.
I was falling down again.
It was not the first time I was feeling this.
But this won’t be the last my senses were screaming again.
The feeling of you stepping out of the door,
Too late before I could mummer why I loved you for.
It might have made you stay.
But for what,
Just so this would happen again?
Too bad I wasn’t up for this time,
And you have to go for this one final time.
The pieces were back to the picture.
It was just a dream again.
But this won’t be the last my senses were screaming again.

It hurts

It hurts

When you’re all in the dark
Without any light or ray
And someone comes to your life
And shows you the way
And tells you everything will be okay

They leave you like you doesn’t matter to them
just when you think everything’s right
And the future will be bright
After leaving the past behind
Don’t know why people change
why they save you
When you’re killing yourself
And leave you when they are the only hope you have left
Don’t know why they save us to see
That we can be something better then the so called “me”
And leave you
when they are the only one
whom you wanted with to be

It hurt you know

wherever you are
I want you to see
What I have become
After you left me