I Am Sorry

I am sorry, it had to be this way.

Always on my guard, and toe to toe.

I am sorry for the words i said,

But i just never got your ways.

I am sorry i am different.

Kind of from the outer space,

Foreign to you and your race.

I am sorry i judged your face.

But what can i say,

You never showed your true intentions

I had lost myself in the past.

I lost the ones i loved too.

They walked over me,

And so i walk carefully.

I am sorry you thought i was out to get you,

But i was just protecting you from myself.

I am sorry but i am just that way

Too bitter,

But the world never cared when i was sweet.

So lets just let it be this way.


I Am Sorry

I am sorry that i dont cry
I am sorry that i dont yell
I am sorry that after all the things happen
I take them all so well
I am sorry i dont cut my wrists or take more than enough pills
Because i just take up all in here
And if the day comes when i cant take it anymore
make up all the courage i need
To pick up the knife out
There will be no blood to bleed out


Sanghamitra's Blog

It’s crumbled up madness
Lines in verge of fade,
With each tear
Falling as I cave,

It’s my reflection
That’s unrecognizably changed,
Life and death intertwined,
Why do we love in vain?

It’s too high a price,
Age has made us pay
As I stand upon your grave
Holding the letter, forever unsent.

-Sanghamitra Chakrabarty

Copyright © 2015

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You know
I trusted you
more than anything
I could’ve bet my life on you

But when you said that
“one day you will surely change
’cause everyone I knew
has hurted me in a way or two
I can’t trust you anyhow”

you didn’t realised how big a blow you have lend me to take

you broked me in two
a happy half who loved you
a broken half I have lost ’cause of you

Are you crying ?

Are you crying?
How can I be crying
After all the tears I have cried
I thought the tears had dried out
Just like your love for me
But my tears have dried away
And replaced with hate, here to stay
My fuel is my hate
And it will help me motivate
To fight against my feelings for you
To burn my past and bury it too
I never cared how much you hurt me
As long as you were there with me
But now you aren’t with me
And it feels like I’m a burning fury
Why would you do something like that
What did I lack in my love for you
You could’ve just told me

taken Some help from a fellow blogger(check out her blog Here)
She’s a really nice writer .

If you left me.

If you left me ..
I have to go back to that awfull hole I have been livin in for years.
Drunk in my thoughts of you  and seeing you be far away from me…..

If you left me
I would be thrown into that silence again that I wasnt gettin out of without you I would be lured into the room without the light again
A room in which I isolated my self from all the feelings that feel like scars that are never gonna heal.

I dont think I can make it
I need you even if I want to live without you…. Cause only you can let me get throught my life.

It hurts

It hurts

When you’re all in the dark
Without any light or ray
And someone comes to your life
And shows you the way
And tells you everything will be okay

They leave you like you doesn’t matter to them
just when you think everything’s right
And the future will be bright
After leaving the past behind
Don’t know why people change
why they save you
When you’re killing yourself
And leave you when they are the only hope you have left
Don’t know why they save us to see
That we can be something better then the so called “me”
And leave you
when they are the only one
whom you wanted with to be

It hurt you know

wherever you are
I want you to see
What I have become
After you left me

Only if you knew

Finaly you know
After all the days i’ve faced
“If you only knew”
Finaly I said it
“I love you”
After all the nights i’ve faced
When lost in my dreams
Not knowing the reality

Yet again
It all happened
In my dream

I woke up every night like this
I feel every night like this
I’m pissed at myself
’cause it will always be untold
It will always be ……

Only if you knew