I’ll walk alone

May be someday I’ll have someone of my own
Till then I’ll walk alone

I’ll walk alone
Through these rusty wind
I am shivering
I’ve forgotten when i’d felt some warmth
My inner self have become a cold wrath

I’ve to walk alone
Through this silence
Each tear-drop makes noise
It burns my ears and clears my thought
Aleast it gives me a chance to rethink
Is this all an illusion
Will there be any conclusion
But till then i’ll walk alone

I’ll rethink
I’ll retry
There will always be someone that passes by
But no one will ask why
‘Cause no one cares that’s why


It’s just too late

Everyone cares when it’s just too late
I knew it was gonna happen it was my fate
And it happened when I was unprepaired
I was lost in my thought
I didn’t cared
I got caught
I was in too much pain
Stumble upon my own mistakes
If I look back
There is a trail
Its getting cold
I wanna feel lost
I wanna be free
But I am at a point of no return
Standing at the pit of endless hole
I wanna fall
I wanna end my worthless life
I just wanna put out the fight
A constant fight between life and death
A fight between my thought and how I felt

Well everyone cares when its just too late
And I knew it was the end, it was my fate


It’s the end
That I should’ve defend
The end of line
I’ll hold the line
Its only a matter of time
That I’ll go blind
And then I will not be find
The dark stormy wind
coverin’ everythin’
I think I am twined
Inside my own pain


Its just something
That I had in my mind
That I forget about you
That always reminds me of you
That has been left
In me of you
Cant I be with you?
Cant I be with you?
It has to be this way?
Could you tell me?

That always kills me
That always tears me apart
That I always
Wanted it to be yours
That I wasnt sure to do
Youre this way?
Couldnt we be the same?
It has to be this way?
Couldnt you let me be yours?

It is this way?
Do you have to be away?
Couldnt you just tell me?

All the time

She would give me
100 s of sign
That I shouln’t look back
And just when im feelling
that I have enough
She would give me that 1 sign
that I should stay
I dont know why do you fake
Why its hard for you to say
Why do you make me feel that way
I have a whole lot of question
lined up in my mind
and it blows past me every time
I cry and I cry all the time
And I just feel lost every time
But everything flows away
When I see you
And I keep replying it all in my mind
All the time

Am I The Only One

Am I the only one
Who thinks love isn’t
What it seems to be
Like somthing half clear
On an empty screen
Where someones sorrow
Is someones joy
Where people leave
As a broken hero
Where the ending
Is always the same
And there is no point
To start all over again
A place where you’re
Always treated wrong
Where you always end up
With broken hope
Am I the only one
Who think of it this way
That your heart have to be
Broken in a million way
I think I am the only one……