If you left me.

If you left me ..
I have to go back to that awfull hole I have been livin in for years.
Drunk in my thoughts of you  and seeing you be far away from me…..

If you left me
I would be thrown into that silence again that I wasnt gettin out of without you I would be lured into the room without the light again
A room in which I isolated my self from all the feelings that feel like scars that are never gonna heal.

I dont think I can make it
I need you even if I want to live without you…. Cause only you can let me get throught my life.


I’ll walk alone

May be someday I’ll have someone of my own
Till then I’ll walk alone

I’ll walk alone
Through these rusty wind
I am shivering
I’ve forgotten when i’d felt some warmth
My inner self have become a cold wrath

I’ve to walk alone
Through this silence
Each tear-drop makes noise
It burns my ears and clears my thought
Aleast it gives me a chance to rethink
Is this all an illusion
Will there be any conclusion
But till then i’ll walk alone

I’ll rethink
I’ll retry
There will always be someone that passes by
But no one will ask why
‘Cause no one cares that’s why