And now its all comming to an end
Years it seems
Now its nothing
Daily routine
Now I will step into the real world
World of cruelity
Thinking of my future
Working on my own for a living
The time has come
I will stop depending and start pretending
The ways for the thing it’s get to be done

business trips replaces summer vacation
Office replaces school
Boss replaces teachers
Files replaces homework
Stranger replaces friends

I will be all on my own now

I don’t think I’m ready for the future



I’ve become like one of those villans In the movies. You know those villans who are not really villans but just have a different perspective. People don’t seem to see things how they see and consider them to be a bad guy. They just try to do right things the wrong way because thats the only way. There way of thinking contradicts with every one. They starting to lose everyone on their side cause nobody believes what they believes and finally with the world against them, THEY LOSE.
They become frustrated of themself, frustrated of their life and dies. Dies thinking why they were different. Why they were supposed to be this way. Why they were supposed to go upstream while everybody supposed to go downstream.

Why?…..Why? …..Why? ….Why?

Just why?

Why they were not like the others?…