You are disapointed in everything you see.
Just because you are disapointed,
Even in the person you see in the mirror.


Why I Love The Night

Whispered the night in the silence
forget the sun , I want to be with you
All the answers you seek are in the moon
Sweet wind passes by calling your name
Forget to sleep or I’ll weep the tears of
Take a deep breath and inhale the
Freshness of your fame
This is why you love the night don’t you?
For all the silence I have to offer
For all the peace there is to feel
So much solitude there is to see
If strength was in numbers
Day would have been your thing
But you are your own one man army
And isn’t it why you love the night ?


Sanghamitra's Blog

It’s crumbled up madness
Lines in verge of fade,
With each tear
Falling as I cave,

It’s my reflection
That’s unrecognizably changed,
Life and death intertwined,
Why do we love in vain?

It’s too high a price,
Age has made us pay
As I stand upon your grave
Holding the letter, forever unsent.

-Sanghamitra Chakrabarty

Copyright © 2015

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I’ve been thinking what I have done till now with this blog and as I look back,trace my steps I see it lacks something. There are a whole lot of text .. there is hardly any pic and colours on this blog and I was thinking to post some but not here . Those who are willing to see more photo type content can follow me on instagram


And I will regularly posting here and updating too ..

Thank you in advance if anyone follow me there 🙂

See you guys later

Why was there I again

Why was there I again
After all that I faced
I can’t stop myself from
Going back to the place
I don’t want to
All I had
Was a war
Between what I want
And don’t want to
Even when I was hurt
Why I keep bother coming back
To have what I already got enough of
was there a choice?
Or a linear course
Was there something I could do?
Or just face the consequences
Of things I didn’t do
I wish I would know
Why was there I again
But now I didn’t really care
‘Cause its the last time
I’ll think this again.