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52 weeks of gratitude

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#3 family

Family …. I really don’t like to talk about my family , and there are three reasons for it .

1 I don’t wanna talk about it
2 I don’t wanna talk about it
3 I don’t wanna talk about it

But its a challenge and that why I have taken it to make myself a better me

Alright I’ll start with my self.
I am the only child of my parents . I live in a joint family very common in India. I have have 4 siblings, three of which havn’t talked to me since I don’t know when . I have lost the f***ing count of it . Due to some “family problem” (insert a gif of the thing you do with 2 finger of both hands). 4th is the only one who actually remember my name literally I guess . Well thats about my relations in my family.

Lets get down to the section parents
I don’t know where to start
should I start with our poor finacial status
Should I start with the fights I have seen between them
Should start with the time I heard my father verbally abusing my mother ..
I have seen her crying and for her I am the only hope

I don’t know there were so many things that happened and made me more mature then I should have been at the present age .

You know I was really good student when I was still a child and thats where it all got wrong
My mom thought I will be the one to get her out of this mess
Pressure starts boiling as I progressed . And that pressure made me from a really good student to a decent  student and now a average. And when I see her crying I really get angry at myself .. “what am I doing?” ” how will I help her if I start to become like this ”
I am really crying right now , I can’t go on now sorry ..

That was all I can say about my family
Thanks for reading

52 weeks of gratitude

#1 Why start this challenge?

I am mainly starting this challenge ’cause i am out of ideas for what to post on my blog in near future, also i am reacently started writing my first story and this challenge would help aid to maintain the regularity on my blog so some good news that you people will be reading a all new avatar of my writing skills. i have been in really torred time recently and this would help me to escape from all the thoughts of the sad time and i would have a better oppertunity to describe and present myself to all my readers. it will help me boost my connection out there and find people i would like to connect with and have same intrest and maybe same background. this challenge will run about 52 weeks and i will be postng once a week and now you can do the math that i will be posting about 52 different topics or i should say aspect of my life . the challenge had been started today with this post and i will continew writting till 52nd week and hope this will help me find myself somethimg better something different.

happy blogging

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And now its all comming to an end
Years it seems
Now its nothing
Daily routine
Now I will step into the real world
World of cruelity
Thinking of my future
Working on my own for a living
The time has come
I will stop depending and start pretending
The ways for the thing it’s get to be done

business trips replaces summer vacation
Office replaces school
Boss replaces teachers
Files replaces homework
Stranger replaces friends

I will be all on my own now

I don’t think I’m ready for the future


Have you ever been ignored …..

Oh I’m sorry I shouldn’t have asked you that. How could you be ignored. You are beautiful, charming filled with brilliance
you are like a unicorn In a sunshine no body wants to be without you . Everybodys attracted to you. Feels GOOD Eh!

But have you ever been to the other side of the city
The crule and the lonely one
The dark and the silent one
where you say but nobody hear
Where you want but nobody care
You are only one to fight for yourself
Have you ever lived that moment when you adore and they ignore
Have you ever lived that moment when you wanted to be included and they exclude you on purpose
You cry for friendship and they don’t give a s**t.
Where silence becomes your only friend
And you’re forced to share your feels to the tick tick of the clock in a silent room .
You experince loneliness
when the only voice one your phone is either your alarm or those ad messages
You experince how misreble your life is

Yeah right
Welcome to my world